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Written by: D. Roberts

ARA has successfully conducted multiple trials of technology aimed at the miniaturisation of the  installation footprint of Pressure-Sensitive Paint systems. This project (miniPSP) has been funded by Innovate UK under the HITEA III framework, where ARA was partnered with the University of Manchester. The most recent trial demonstrated the use of a sub-miniature camera, embedded within a fuselage blister, to measure the surface pressure profile over a section of a wing. Further trials have been conducted which demonstrate the feasibility of such systems for the measurement of pressures within internal model ducts and cavities, along with the potential for use with Model Deformation Measurement Systems and for oil flow visualisations. A final report describing the miniPSP development will be published at the end of the project (June 2017). For more information please contact



 mini psp Z146 result1 mini psp Z146 result