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Delivering Confidence to Fly
ARA is a leading independent specialist in aerodynamic research providing complementary services and bespoke solutions to international aerospace and defence clients to support their aerodynamic concept development

Complete Aerodynamic Services

ARA lead the world with our range of services delivering complete seamless solutions across transonic wind tunnel testing, advanced measurement systems, computational aerodynamic consultancy and precision model design and manufacture.

Unmatched capacity, effectiveness and bespoke services mean tailored solutions meet and exceed the clients requirements with added value in the form of data quality, productivity, expertise and complementary services to deliver real results.

ARA’s new test techniques and design capabilities are aimed at the requirements for the development of the next generation of aircraft.

Our vital statistics


ARA was established as a UK wind tunnel test facility

Mach 1.4

is the speed our transonic wind tunnel can achieve

> 43,300

hours of successful wind tunnel testing for clients


expertly trained and educated members of our team

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Aircraft Research Association Limited

Manton Lane, Bedford, England MK41 7PF

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