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ARA is a Centre of Excellence in Aerodynamics which offers the complementary services of Computational Aerodynamics, Design and Manufacture, and Experimental Aerodynamics. This combined service enables ARA to provide high value specialist input to civil and military aerospace projects from the very early design concept stages, right through to mid-life upgrades of an in-service capability.

ARA is based in Bedford, U.K.; 50 miles north of London. We have worked on many prestigious projects for the World’s major civil, military and missile manufacturers, our expanding global Customer base extending from the west coast of America, across Europe, to the Far East of Asia. Customer confidentiality is an absolute priority at ARA. The company follows quality assured practices and is ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 accredited.

Computational Aerodynamics

Advanced computational methods (including both software development and applied aerodynamics) provide a highly efficient means of maturing initial concept studies into effective aerodynamic designs that meet target operational objectives.

Find out how the Computational Aerodynamics department is developing, applying and analysing results from these methods to contribute to winning designs for major aerospace and motorsport companies.

Design and Manufacture

High quality components and wind tunnel models, expertly designed and manufactured on a secure site by highly experienced and competent staff and delivered within the timescales customers need. Allowing customers to have confidence that their components are able to obtain high quality precision outputs.

Find out how the latest CAD/CAM design tools and CNC/EDM manufacturing techniques, coupled with highly regarded hand finishing techniques, are being used to produce precise and effective models of the next generation of aircraft.

Experimental Aerodynamics

The highest level of quality wind tunnel data is required to verify an aerodynamic design. This data helps to generate a significant advantage in the competitive aerospace market place.

Find out how the Experimental Aerodynamics department uses the latest wind tunnel test techniques efficiently to provide accurate aerodynamic databases for the world’s largest civil aircraft, military aircraft and defence system development programs.