Aircraft Research Association Ltd (ARA) is Europe’s leading independent aerodynamic research company and has an enviable worldwide reputation.  We provide a key link in the aircraft development cycle by enabling manufacturers to validate and complement computer-based aerodynamic analysis.

We operate a world-class Transonic Wind Tunnel (TWT) test facility, alongside a design and manufacturing unit producing fully instrumented metal models for testing, in addition to having a computational aerodynamics consultancy group.

It is therefore a stimulating and rewarding place to work – an environment where both personal and professional development is encouraged – and we have great fun doing it.

We are large enough to provide opportunities in a number of challenging areas yet small enough for you to have involvement across a range of projects and be flexible in your career, gaining broad experience. We ensure there will be numerous opportunities to increase your skills, knowledge and confidence – recognising both team and individual contributions.

If you are interested in joining us please see the vacancies listed below for the roles we are currently recruiting and how to apply.

ARA is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

Our working culture reflects the ARA Values:


Communicating in an open, honest and blame-free manner


Continually looking for better, faster and cheaper ways and solutions


Displaying a belief in the business, its people, products and services


Applying energy to motivate ourselves and others towards outstanding performance


Putting customer needs and Working together with the customer, supply chain and colleagues.


Putting customer needs and expectations at the heart of all we do

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Aircraft Research Association Limited

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