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A workshop was held at the Bedford Heights Conference facility, Bedford on November 29th and online, the following presentations were given.

Opening AddressChris Sheaf (Rolls-Royce)
Overview of ODIN ProjectDavid MacManus (Cranfield University)
3D Compact Nacelle Design and Aircraft IntegrationAvery Swarthout (Cranfield University)
3D Nacelle Aerodynamics Under Windmilling Conditions – key findings from WMLES, DDES, and RANS modellingHao Xia (Loughborough University)
Development of 2D Test Rig from 3D NacelleLuca Boscagli (Cranfield University)
Windmilling Experiments Using Nacelle Test RigKshitij Sabnis (University of Cambridge)
Evaluation of CFD Using Experimental DataLuca Boscagli (Cranfield University)
Transonic Wind Tunnel Rig and Experiment Design, Novel Aspects and Test ScopeJames Alderman (ARA)
Computational, Experimental Analytical ResultsIoannis Goulos (Cranfield University)
Transonic Wind Tunnel Experiment for Noise, Novel Aspects and Test ScopeAndrea Hill (ARA)
Computational, Experimental Results, Aircraft Installed Noise – Cruise and High LiftGary Page (Loughborough University)
Final Remarks – Next StepsChris Sheaf (Rolls-Royce) &
David MacManus (Cranfield University)
Group photograph of the speakers and attendees at the ODIN technical workshop

For further information about the ODIN project please visit the project website: Off Design Installed Nacelles – ODIN – Welcome to the ODIN Project Website (odin-project.info)

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