Aircraft Research Association is pleased to announce that it has been working closely with AERALIS to assist in the aerodynamic design of their proposed advanced jet trainer aircraft.

ARA’s work has involved the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of the airframe helping to optimise performance in the transonic flight regime (i.e. when the aircraft is travelling around the speed of sound). This flight regime is always very challenging and is an area that ARA specialises in, both computationally and experimentally.

ARA has produced high-quality CFD results allowing insights to be gained by AERALIS with respect to how the flow develops as the aircraft accelerates. Insights have also been given as to where there might be aerodynamic features which can be improved by detailed design changes. AERALIS and ARA have worked closely together along with other AERALIS partners to develop the aircraft shape to ensure it meets its performance requirements.

The images here show a sample of some of the work produced and really show the level of detail that can be achieved using CFD. Adding this level of detail to the knowledge, experience and insights of ARA’s aerodynamics engineers makes for a powerful combination, something which AERALIS is more than happy for ARA to bring to the table.

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