Aeroelastic Capability Development at ARA

At ARA, as part of the aeroelastic capability development, Dr Ajandan Ananthapuvirajah has created a FEM model of an aircraft wing using FEMAP and performed aeroelastic analysis on it. The FEM model was created using a total number of 80016 structural elements including shell and beam elements to resemble the internal structure of an aircraft wing. Structural and aerodynamic properties were created using structural elements and aero panels to perform analysis such as static analysis, buckling analysis, modal analysis and flutter analysis. Functionalities to carry out mass and stiffness variation have been developed along this model.  We would like to give our thanks to Darren Walters, Mark Sharples and OnePLM for their assistance during this project.

The movie clips show the translation occurring at the second bending mode for a FEM wing and at its internal structure at one of its natural frequencies under VonMises Stress.

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