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Dynamic Deformation at ARA

Written by: T. Davidson

During recent tests in the Transonic Wind Tunnel (TWT) employing ARA’s unique Gust Rig, a novel measurement technique was developed to accurately capture the high speed deformation of the wing structure due to the rapidly varying aerodynamic loads.

This system extends the existing Model Deformation Measurement (MDM) capability provided by LaVision GmbH to incorporate the use of two Vision Research Inc. Phantom v1610 high speed cameras.

ARA Dynamic Model Deformation Trials

Figure 1 Speckle pattern on aircraft half-model wing
installed in the Transonic Wind Tunnel.

Understanding the relationship between the pressure forces and the model’s physical response will in the short term improve understanding of the relevant unsteady flow physics and provide invaluable validation data for Fluid-Structure Interaction investigations using Computational Fluid Dynamics, and in the longer term will allow for the design of lighter, safer and more efficient aircraft.

Figure 2 Wing deformation response to the impact of a 25 ms transonic gust.

The successful development and demonstration of dynamic model deformation measurement further increases ARA’s extensive range of optical measurement systems available to our customers.