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Dennis Stanniland, ARA Chief Aerodynamicist wins prestigious award from The Royal Aeronautical Society

Written by: Mary

ARA's Chief Aerodynamicist, Dennis Stanniland, has been presented with a Specialist Group Award from the Royal Aeronautical Society in recognition of his contribution to Aerodynamics.  Dennis joined ARA in 1977 as a Project Supervisor.  He has held a number of senior positions within ARA such as Senior Aerodynamicist, Model Operations Manager and Head of Innovation and Technology.  Dennis was appointed Chief Aerodynamicist on 1st August 2005 . 

His knowledge of aircraft aerodynamics enabled him to develop a distinguished career and gain a renowned reputation within the aerospace community. 

Dougie Hunter, ARA's Chief Executive commented, "Dennis's preferred approach over the years has been to work in the background for the aerospace industry but this award demonstrates the respect and appreciation he has merited from his peers".