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2019 Newsletter

Written by: P. Hutchings - CEO

Welcome to the ARA Newsletter

There have been a good number of positive developments at ARA since the last newsletter, some of which feature in more detail on subsequent pages. In our 67th year ARA continues to deliver “Confidence to Fly” to well established and newer customers from around the world. The ARA offering of integrated aerodynamic expertise across model manufacture, a range of testing techniques and state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamics has enabled us to remain at the forefront of our industry.

During the past year we have worked with a significant number of internationally renowned aerospace & defence manufacturers and partners, and our collaboration with Turkish Aerospace Industries is featured. In the future, ARA also expects to be integral in the development of the UK’s new Tempest programme, announced by the UK Government’s Secretary of State for Defence last summer.

As ARA broadens its offering and grows the business the management team has also evolved providing continuity, experience and opportunities for professional development within ARA. ARA’s order book for 2019 and into 2020 is very strong and we have invested (and will continue to invest) in people, equipment and techniques. During 2018 ARA invested in three new Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines to greatly expand our manufacturing capacity. ARA staff also remain heavily involved with research projects, and details of work with the European Union’s Clean Sky 2 programme feature in this newsletter, along with summaries of two of ARA’s recent publications at international conferences.

I am proud of the heritage of ARA and excited by the future, and with a strong team at ARA I am sure that the coming years will be positive for our customers, staff and for aerospace.

Paul Hutchings, Chief Executive Officer

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