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Temperature Sensitive Paint

As with the ARA Lifetime Pressure-Sensitive Paint (PSP) system the Temperature-Sensitive Paint (TSP) system is based around the paints and associated technologies from the US company ISSI (Innovative Scientific Solutions Inc). ARA has experience with both systems in it's own Transonic Wind Tunnel (TWT), as well as in other facilities and both are available for hire or demonstration purposes. ARA is also the sole European agent for these systems on ISSI's behalf, providing paint, hardware and software as well as full system design, installation, training and support.

TSP sequence showing variation of transition point

As it's name suggests this paint is used to detect the temperature at the model surface, which is useful for many applications. The main use for this paint at ARA is for the detection of the position of transition from laminar to turbulent flow, as there is a temperature step at this point. Traditionally ARA uses the Acenaphthene sublimation technique for this but the advances in the TSP techniques have made TSP an extremely useful tool for obtaining accurate and quantifiable data from this type of testing. This has been particularly useful in recent laminar flow investigations performed at ARA, including the development of the laminar flow control model, results from which can be seen here.