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Other Test Facilities

ARA offers a range of facilities which can be used together or separately to deliver the test requirements of our customers. These facilities include:

  • The Transonic Wind Tunnel (TWT) which operates continuously from Mach 0.2 to Mach 1.4.
  • The Balance Calibration Laboratory is used to calibrate all the different types of force and moment balances used in wind tunnel tests.
  • The Mach Simulation Tank is used to calibrate equipment such as nozzles and intakes used in power simulation tests at ARA but also for other companies.
  • The Propeller Test Cell is used for testing large scale isolated propellers and for testing and balancing small scale propellers ready for testing in the TWT.
  • The Small Scale Transonic Tunnel is used to calibrate flow angularity meters and other flow survey probes used in the TWT both for ARA and other companies.