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Isolated Store Loads

Isolated stores are items which are separated from a parent aircraft, they range from fuel tanks and missiles to ejector seats, deployed parachutes and flight refuelling probes. Understanding of the aerodynamic loads on these stores is required for many purposes which depend on the nature of the store; examples include  the development of flight control systems for a missile or to ensure the safety of an ejector seat.

Wind tunnels can be used for full scale and near full scale testing of isolated stores in a controlled environment prior to flight test. For stores with complicated airflows wind tunnels can provide large quantities of high quality data to validate numerical simulations.

Why ARA?

ARA offers a one-stop service for customers starting with the design and manufacture of stores and balances followed by gauging and calibration of balances and finishing with a test program in our Transonic Wind Tunnel. We have a world leading capability in the manufacture of stores, support mechanisms and balances completed to the very highest standards including the installation and use of remote control systems which reconfigure stores live during a test. We also have a wide range of supports and balances which are available to our customers.

Technical Information

Model Attitude:

  • Extended ranges of incidence and sideslip
  • Roll range: ±180°

Load Measurement:

  • Overall loads
  • Control surface loads using customised panel balances

Data Acquisition:

  • Up to 220 channels measured at up to 10 data points per second
  • Measurement of several hundred steady state pressures recorded at up to 10 data points per second