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cavity light sheet result website

ARA utilises several different types of optical systems for visualisation and measuement of aerodynamic phenomena within it's facilities. Many of these have been customised to suit the particular challenges of capturing data within an industrial wind tunnel. As these are developed into production systems ARA makes them available to other companies for use in their facilities, offering the full design, sales, installation and support services for these systems.

A significant area of development in recent years has been around the pressure-sensitive paint technologies and techniques and as a result of this ARA has teamed with the US based research and development company ISSI (Innovative Scientific Solutions Inc). Since 2009 ARA has been the sole European agent and distributor for the ISSI range of products as well as an experienced user within the ARA facilities. For further information about these or any of the optical systems in use at ARA please visit our contact page and submit a request via the form provided. The current brochure for ISSI pressure-sensitive paint products can be downloaded here.

A key benefit to these systems is the ability to vaildate CFD results with calibrated experimental data.

Optical Techniques at ARA