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What is DiPaRT?

The Airbus Flight Physics Distributed Partnership in R&T (DiPaRT) was created in 2010 by Airbus UK as a mechanism for communicating with, engaging and orchestrating the diverse UK Flight Physics R&T community.  DiPaRT is creating a coherent, well-informed and motivated partnership that acts as a facilitator between Airbus and the UK Flight Physics community, encouraging them to engage in more effective ways and supporting the UK-centred capability in design and integration of wings, landing gear and associated systems.

The DiPaRT UK network of organisations and partners identify potential technologies and deliver research aligned with Airbus's R&T strategy.  Working through key partners such as Airbus Group Innovations (AGI) and ARA – the 'Hub Leaders' – Airbus ensures the requisite time and effort is invested in fostering and operating DiPaRT.  'Hub Leaders' engage and coordinate between Airbus UK and the UK R&T community.

Engagement in DiPaRT provides transparency of Airbus UK's strategic aspirations in Flight Physics R&T to the UK R&T community, as well as giving the opportunity to shape and influence future directions.  DiPaRT also provides a gateway for joining the Airbus R&T supply chain in the UK as well as a means to demonstrate the collaboration and impact value of research proposals, which are of growing importance to funding agencies.

Further to this, Airbus provides support to R&T activities at a number of levels ranging from letters of support through to project funding.

DiPaRT key objectives:

  • Providing transparency of Airbus's strategic aspirations in Flight Physics R&T
  • Shaping and influencing pathways from innovative ideas through to maturity
  • Providing a gateway for joining the Airbus R&T supply chain in the UK
  • Cogently demonstrate the collaboration and impact value of research proposals


DiPaRT structure

DiPaRT consists of two primary Hubs – ‘Loads and Aeroelastics’ and ‘Aero-Technologies’ – both co-ordinated by AGI, with a sponsor within the Airbus Flight Physics Department.  The Aero-Technologies Hub is a combination of three Technology ‘hublets’ – Flow Control (AGI); Simulation (Airbus) and Wind Tunnel (ARA). 


ARA's involvement in the DiPaRT Aero Technologies Hub:

ARA has been closely involved in the development of the DiPaRT process since its inception and was invited to become a 'Hub Leader' for the Wind Tunnel Technologies aspect of the Aero Technologies Hub.  ARA operates a large transonic wind tunnel which is of strategic importance to the UK aerospace industry and, as such, the company has a strong focus on research into wind tunnel testing and data measurement techniques, including the design and manufacture of wind tunnel models.  Additionally, ARA has a long history of developing numerical simulation tools and applied aerodynamics, and has provided support to the Airbus Flight Physics team over many years.