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Innovation and Technology

An innovative culture is essential for any organisation that aims to continuously improve their testing capabilities and remain among the leaders in their industry. At ARA the Innovation and Development department has the following goals:

Pressure Sensitive Paint
Our calibration model showing the Pressure Sensitive Paint

  • To develop advanced measuring techniques, e.g. Pressure-Sensitive Paint, and to  apply them to industrial wind tunnel testing
  • To reduce the overall testing cycle from the design stage through to data delivery. Exploiting the most advanced computational modelling, design and manufacture and wind-tunnel test techniques.
  • To use computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel testing as complementary tools
  • To work in collaboration with other organisations on research projects

The projects at ARA associated with the UK Aerodynamics Centre have enabled ARA to accelerate many of our innovation projects and mean we now able to offer our customers a wide range of advanced test and manufacturing capabilities which together are unique to ARA.