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Civil Aircraft

Over the last 50 years, ARA has continually evolved to maintain its reputation for providing the benchmark for the accurate and efficient production of high accuracy aerodynamic data required to support development programs. ARA has been involved in the development of every major European civil transport aircraft, including Concorde, as well as a number from the Americas and the Far East.

Our customers have placed the highest possible demands on ARA for the accurate measurement of drag throughout the aircraft operating range and for the development of sophisticated data reduction techniques to correct the measured data to ‘free-air’ conditions. ARA’s continued commitment to respond to these demands has led to the development of fully validated, quality-controlled testing techniques that collectively address the performance of commercial aircraft over their complete operational envelope.

Our highly experienced test teams deliver excellent test program management combined with rapid model reconfiguration to a superb standard to provide our customers with an efficient and productive service which provides excellent value. The security of the model and all data is assured for every customer.