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Transonic Wind Tunnel Testing

Since 1956 ARA has provided wind tunnel data of the highest quality by developing and utilising highly efficient, world-class techniques for our global civil and military aerospace customer base.


The ARA Transonic Wind Tunnel (TWT) is a closed circuit, continuous flow tunnel with the following operational features;

Test section:                     2.74m wide x 2.44m high (9ft x 8ft).
Four porous walls          22% maximum porosity.
Mach number:                  0 to 1.4
Stagnation pressure:    0.8 to 1.2 atmospheres (standard operation is 1 atmosphere)
Reynolds number:          3.5 to 16.7 million/m (dependent upon Mach number)

The TWT has a number of support systems for a wide range of test types;

  • Rear single sting support, basic incidence range -10° to +40°, ±180° roll range
  • High incidence offset roll system, up to 70° incidence
  • Twin Sting Rig for rear fuselage testing
  • Underfloor balance support for semi-span model testing
  • 2-dimensional wing testing support (±180° incidence range)
  • High-pressure air-feed system for full-span and semi-span testing
  • Captive Trajectory System for full 6-degree of freedom store release trajectory testing

ARA provides full model force and moment and pressure measurements using strain-gauge balances, electronic pressure scanners and advanced optical measurement systems and data reduction methods which are tailored to suit individual customers’ needs.