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Mach Simulation Tank


The Mach Simulation Tank (MST) is used for mass-flow and thrust/drag calibration of through-flow nacelles (TFN), turbine powered simulator (TPS) nacelles, ducted models and nozzle systems.

This facility is used to support propulsion testing in the Transonic Wind Tunnel (TWT) but is also available for stand alone tests.

Facility Capabilities

  • Simulated Mach number range from zero up to 1.3
  • High precision thrust measurement with a 1300N (292lbf) axial force capacity
  • High precision mass flow measurement with a binary array of critical flow venturis
  • Plentiful supply of clean, dry, high pressure air delivered by two servo-controlled high pressure airlines with pressures up to 69bar (1000psi).
  • Air supply instrumentation is the same as that used by the Transonic Wind Tunnel (TWT)
  • Control room equipped with all the required data acquisition and health monitoring systems
  • Online data processing and real-time graphical displays
  • Proven data processing programs are available