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Dynamic Pressure Sensitive Paint

As with the ARA Lifetime Pressure-Sensitive Paint (PSP) system the Dynamic PSP system is based around the paints and associated technologies from the US company ISSI (Innovative Scientific Solutions Inc). ARA has experience with both systems in it's own Transonic Wind Tunnel (TWT), as well as in other facilities and both are available for hire or demonstration purposes. ARA is also the sole European agent for these systems on ISSI's behalf, providing paint, hardware and software as well as full system design, installation, training and support.

Dynamic PSP measurements from the ARA gust rig

The Dynamic PSP system is used to capture pressure changes due to either unsteady flow conditions or on fast moving components such as propeller blades. This requires a paint with a response time significantly faster than the expected pressure change, as well as high power illumination and sensitive cameras with high frame rates and fast exposures.

The images show a sequence that was captured at 2KHz of a 50ms gust impacting the wing of a civil aircraft model in the ARA TWT operating at M=0.8. The gust was generated by the new gust generation rig recently developed for the ARA TWT. Dynamic PSP was used alongside more traditional wind tunnel data acquisition systems to provide verification of the gust rig's capabilities.