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Binary Pressure Sensitive Paint

As with the ARA Lifetime Pressure-Sensitive Paint (PSP) system the Binary PSP system is based around the paints and associated technologies from the US company ISSI (Innovative Scientific Solutions Inc). ARA has experience with both systems in it's own Transonic Wind Tunnel (TWT), as well as in other facilities and both are available for hire or demonstration purposes. ARA is also the sole European agent for these systems on ISSI's behalf, providing paint, hardware and software as well as full system design, installation, training and support.

ARA Binary PSP

The main difference between the two systems is in the chemical property of the paints, with the Binary PSP having two luminophore components instead of the single luminophore found in the Lifetime PSP. This requires the signal and reference images to be obtained from the Red and Green emissions of the paint in order to capture the intensity variations caused by the surface pressure. This can be captured either by using a CCD camera and separating out the Red and Green channels or by using a monochrome camera with a filter wheel containing the appropriate filters.

For more information on these systems and paints please use the contact section of this website.