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Applied Aerodynamics

ARA has a long history in applying aerodynamic prediction techniques (computational and other theoretical) to a range of military and civil applications.

Our strength in aerodynamics has made us the chosen partner of our customers to provide valued support to their in-house design and performance assessment teams. For several of our customers, this degree of joint working has extended over many years.

Close working with the in-house development team enables us to make technological advances and accelerate the adoption of new schemes into our CFD tools where necessary.

Configurations addressed recently include:

  • Civil Aircraft, cruise and high-lift
  • Open rotors, isolated and installed
  • Manned and unmanned military aircraft
  • Weapons, isolated and installed
  • Landing gears
  • Formula One cars and other automotive applications

The Computational Aerodynamics Applied team offers a wide-range of skills which include being able to take an application from geometry preparation to analysis and reporting.

Why ARA?

Our services include the application of ARA and commercial CFD systems. The applied services that we offer include: 

  • Specialist aerodynamic knowledge including aerofoils, wings, propellers
  • Understanding of specialised technology, such as natural/hybrid laminar flow control
  • Preparation of geometries for CFD using CAD and CAD repair tools
  • Generation of meshes around complex geometries
  • Use of high performance computing
  • Tailored post-processing for example drag analysis or thrust/drag accounting
  • Comprehensive data analysis and reporting