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Pressure Sensitive Paint

In order to satisfy our customers, ARA continuously examines the performance of the advanced measurement technologies in use at ARA, such as Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP). This enables the testing capabilities in the Transonic Wind Tunnel (TWT) to be constantly improved.

Further development of the PSP system has facilitated the creation of Binary PSP and Rotary PSP systems. The Binary PSP system is used in low-speed tunnels both at ARA and at customer facilities, such as automotive wind tunnels.

The Rotary or Fast Response PSP system is used during fast events where dynamic or unsteady data capture is required. It is for use on rotating components including propeller and turbine blades.

Another advanced measurement technology is Temperature Sensitive Paint (TSP). This is used for boundary layer transition detection (the transition is identified using temperature change). Temperature Sensitive Paint can also be used to identify heat transfer characteristics for different material types and heat sources.

As a result of these developments, ARA is currently developing the application of skin friction measurements using similar technologies to those used for the PSP and TSP systems. Skin friction measurements have many useful and diverse applications such as understanding tyre traction and even the nature of individual footsteps.

Parallel to these innovative activities, is the continued development of the ARA Lifetime PSP system, aiming to deliver ‘near real-time’ PSP results. This enables customers to assess their data during the test. These innovations help to keep the ARA Lifetime PSP system at the forefront of PSP development within commercial wind tunnel testing.