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The aerodynamic design and analysis of wind turbines is not straightforward. Turbine blade section design is only one aspect of a complicated problem which also involves turbine array configuration, earth boundary layer effects and the aero-acoustics associated with large wind turbines. Also, the aerodynamics of horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines are by nature two separate complex problems.

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ARA has a long-standing tradition of expertise in the field of aircraft propeller aerodynamic design and analysis. This expertise is used to provide the solutions associated with the complex aerodynamics associated with wind turbines.

The wind turbine design and analysis capability is built around the large amount of experience in propeller aerodynamics at ARA and CFD tools developed to provide the high quality data required by the customer. This can range from blade section design to evaluating design changes on specific areas of the turbine by generating and providing the client with all the aerodynamic data for decision-making, to having a major involvement in the design and development of areas of the turbine by contributing our own experience in aerodynamics and fluid mechanics.

With the wealth of CFD process development and aerodynamic analysis experience available, ARA is able to provide specialist input into wind turbine blade aerodynamic design technology to match the demands of the renewable energy industry to maximise the potential of energy generation by wind turbines.

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