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Integrated CFD/Wind Tunnel

A complementary approach between CFD analysis and wind-tunnel testing can provide a cost-effective means of delivering fit-for-purpose aerodynamic data.  Through its combined, specialist wind tunnel / CFD capability ARA is able to add high value to aerodynamic studies by providing this type of service. 

CFD can be used to:

  • Assess wind-tunnel model support interference
  • Design model systems for novel configurations
  • Assist in the design of wind tunnel experiments
  • Tailor wind-tunnel test programmes to target the most challenging conditions
  • Provide post-test interpretation of unexpected wind-tunnel results
  • Interpolate and extrapolate from wind-tunnel test databases

ARA has performed both wind-tunnel tests and CFD computations for numerous Customer projects over the past 30 years. One such example is the investigation the interference effect of various boom support locations on the flow over a civil aircraft empennage; the accompanying figure shows the flow field in the region of the empennage, as computed by an Euler flow solver.