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Military Aircraft, UAV’s and Missiles

Simulating the operational envelope of a combat aircraft and the deployment of a missile requires the development of a comprehensive range of wind tunnel test techniques. Here the accurate simulation of the air vehicle’s aerodynamic performance can be the critical difference between its mission’s success and failure.

JSF F 35 Lightning

ARA has worked on some of the World’s most demanding military aircraft and weapons programs and received awards from our customers in recognition for the notable contributions we have made to the success of these projects. The aircraft that ARA has worked on include: Tornado, Harrier, T-50, Typhoon and F-35. We have worked closely with the World’s leading aircraft and weapon manufacturers on the development and integration of stores such as Brimstone, Amraam and Meteor.

As the operational envelope of unmanned and remotely piloted air vehicles expands into the high sub-sonic and transonic speed range, ARA is playing an increased role in the research and development programs of these aircraft types. Stability and control, Pressure Sensitive Paint, weapon bay aero-acoustic and store separation tests have all been undertaken in the ARA Transonic Wind Tunnel.

Our highly experienced test teams deliver excellent test program management combined with rapid model reconfiguration to a superb standard to provide our customers with an efficient and productive service which provides excellent value. The security of the model and all data is assured for every customer.