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Written by: Mary

A STEM college is a training organisation which promotes the uptake of, and improves the standard of academic achievement in, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects for pupils typically aged 16-19 years.

ARA has an interest in proactively encouraging the uptake of STEM topics in education, as ARA is heavily dependent upon these skill sets in many areas across its business. ARA is actively involved in a number of educational initiatives especially in areas relating to STEM subjects.

Following a visit by Wootton Upper School staff and students to ARA in May 2012, staff from each organisation have been collaborating in support of the development of Kimberley College. ARA has a representative on the Board of Governors, and also on the Advisory Group (Vice Chair). ARA has supported the planning and decision-making, particularly in the area of engineering.

ARA will be making specialist resources and expertise available to students to enhance their learning experience in various areas of STEM technology, particularly for the Theory of Flight Unit, where students will visit ARA and make use of unique facilities for aerodynamic evaluation projects.

A student Induction Day will take place on 25th September, with engineering students attending the ARA site for a briefing and a tour of facilities.

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