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Testing The Breeze

Written by: Admin

Umbrella tests at ARA

In January, ARA was contacted by Today’s Golfer magazine and asked if we would take part in a test of golf umbrellas in the Transonic Wind Tunnel to see which umbrella really stood up to links-type gales. For a tunnel with a maximum speed of 1000 miles per hour, testing at 20 miles per hour was going to be a true test of its’ capabilities.

On 8 February, David Connor from Today’s Golfer arrived with umbrellas from all the top manufacturers in the world ready to tackle the ARA wind tunnel head-on. ARA took up the challenge with our usual serious good humour to help find the world’s best brolly. Staff entered a competition to predict the maximum speed for the ARA umbrella so the Control Room was a no-go area to make sure there was no ‘inside information’ on the result.

Suffice to say, the tunnel answered all the questions we asked and more. We might not make a habit of testing at 20 miles per hour, but we now know it can be done.

Check out the April edition of Today’s Golfer,or follow the link below for details of the toughest umbrella test ever.

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