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Professional Engineering Registration

Written by: A. Preece

ARA is proud to announce that two members of staff have successfully worked towards professional engineering registration. Luke Horner and Aaron Cherry have patiently completed the application process for Incorporated Engineer and Engineering Technician respectively.

ARA Eng Awards 0015a

Starting at ARA in late 2018, Luke is a wind tunnel test engineer and so responsible for ensuring wind tunnel tests are completed smoothly. He has many responsibilities including supervision of wind test programmes, interfacing with customers to ensure their testing needs are met and ensuring quality of wind tunnel data. Over previous months, Luke completed the competency report required for Incorporated Engineer giving evidence of where he had completed work to the high levels required for IEng. This included his competency in applying and improving engineering best practice, in teamwork and leadership, and in communication skills. In addition to the report, Luke had to successfully complete a thorough interview process discussing details of his report through in greater depth.

ARA Eng Awards 0019a

As a fitting engineer at ARA for the last seven and a half years, Aaron is a skilled craftsman responsible for assembling and hand finishing wind tunnel models to be tested not only at ARA but also at other facilities around the world. This work requires a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail, something which informed Aaron’s successful application for Engineering Technician. Following completion and submission of his competency report, Aaron was delighted to hear that his application had been accepted.

 ARA Eng Awards 0021a

ARA CEO Paul Hutchings was very pleased with the awards. “It is excellent news that Luke and Aaron have made these steps in their professional development. Excellent for them as engineers, and excellent for ARA as the employer. ARA very much values the expertise and dedication of all employees, and is proud to encourage professional development across the company. Luke and Aaron are great ambassadors for this, and my congratulations to them both."

Luke and Aaron completed their qualifications through the Royal Aeronautical Society and have also achieved the appropriate membership levels for the organisation. Both engineers will now have their names added to the register of professional engineers held by the Engineering Council who administer all professional engineering qualifications across the UK. They are both now looking to work towards the next level and to mentor others to the levels they have just achieved.