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Fluorescent Oil Flow Visualisation

Written by: D. Roberts

In line with customer demands ARA has developed and successfully trialled the use of fluorescent oil flow mixtures for highly detailed surface flow investigations. The viscosity and volatility of the mixtures are specific to the target speed range and provide the potential for full model coverage. These techniques are suitable for use in the investigations of various properties not limited to: shock locations, separation regions, vortex footprints, and internal flows. Images can be taken both during the run as the flow system develops (fig 1a, b) and post-run once the patterns have been set (fig 2a, b, c). This technique provides a higher resolution of the surface streak lines when compared to standard multi-coloured/point oil flow techniques.

ARA UV Oilflow01  ARA UV Oilflow01b
Fig 1a Fig 1b
 ARA UV Oilflow02a  ARA UV Oilflow02b  ARA UV Oilflow02c
Fig 2a Fig 2b Fig 2c