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Dragon Boat Racing


Bedford river festival is held every two years along the banks of the Ouse, bringing a myriad of activities and a festival milieu to the town. One of the central events to the Saturday is the Dragon-boat racing. 34 teams battled it out in 3 way races along the 150m course. Each team had 3 races and the fastest times were selected for the final.

ARA’s team had the combined power of: James Chard, Phil Austin, Andrew Farrington, Todd Davidson, Angel Gomariz Sancha, Ryan Cromack, Ralph Ward, and Andrea Ciarella, plus some help from friends. In the first race ARA placed 2nd a mere 3/10ths of a second behind first place. After the first round the racing intensified with all teams now posting far quicker times. The racing got so frantic during one race one of the boats capsized. The fear of getting a little wet did not discourage the ARA team, placing 2nd in round two and also posting their fastest run of the day. In round 3 ARA placed 3rd but again by only a whisker of the figure head was in it, 3/10ths of a second behind 2nd place. In the final standings ARA was 22nd out of 34 teams.

An excellent effort was put in from team ARA and all are looking forward to the next Bedford River Festival.